Hello !My name is Anaëlle, and I'm a French (fan) artist!My hobbies consist in playing the clarinet, reading, drawing fan arts of my favorite book/animated series and visiting art exhibits. I love spending time with my loved ones and pets. I also like to take part in fanzines. One of my dreams would be to host my own collaborative project!I have a bachelor degree in engineering / computer science and a master degree in education science. My master thesis was about visual arts, math and creativity.My curriculum is mostly scientific, but art, and more particularly drawing, has been a very longstanding passion of mine, but I didn't dare to make it my primary source of income until Covid-19 strikes.After spending almost two years working on a webtoon, I finally took the plunge and officially became a freelance artist in March 2022!

Contact : [email protected]


What tools and brushes do you use ?
Tools : iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + Procreate
Brushes : Procreate’s default brushes : 6B Pencil, Round Brush, Mercury and Tinderbox / Jingsketch’s brushes : mostly Clean Sketch and Flat Painting Stream. I really encourage you to download his free brush pack to test them out !
Can I use your art as my social media icon / device wallpaper ?
Using my fan arts is ok as long as you credit me.
Please don't use my original art as your profile picture or for RP purposes.
Can I repost your fan arts in my fan account?
Sure, but please credit me !
Can I print your art, even if it's for personal use ?
I would rather not. The money I earn from selling my art is my only source of income, so please support me by buying prints from my shop or my RedBubble, if you can afford it 🙇
Where else can I find you ?
You will find a non-exhaustive list of the SNS I have an account on here.
Please, keep in mind that I'm mostly active on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.
I also usually take part in Artfight in July.

Downloadable Content


jan. 2016 - jul. 2016Modern Witches ArtbookVicky PandoraIllustrator
feb. 2017 - jul. 2017Salt and Vinegar (a TeruMob zine)Sinfulbear, PickledylansIllustrator
jun. 2017 - nov. 2017Crown & Crow (a Nino x Jean anthology)TakaIllustrator
oct. 2017 - jan. 2019Hexagone (a French VLD fanzine)LostKiminIllustrator
dec. 2017 - may. 2018Bon Voyage (a MP100 illustration book)MaacoIllustrator
jun. 2018 - may 2018Only I Am Missing (an Erased fanzine)SheaparfaitIllustrator
jun. 2018 - aug. 2018Collectif HOXAmandouxIllustrator
oct. 2018 - jan. 2019Animus/Anima (a Persona fanzine)MadamerinrinIllustrator
oct. 2018 - jan. 2019Libra CanlendarHyphenIllustrator
feb. 2019 - jun. 2019Elysian (a Houseki no Kuni fanzine)Tinyprof, MoonlitskinIllustrator
mar. 2019 - aug. 2019ONE100 (a OPM/MP100 fanzine)RicoalatteIllustrator
oct. 2019 - dec. 2019Breathe (a studio Ghibli fanzine)LiemonaideIllustrator
sept. 2019 - feb. 2020Turnabout Melodies (an Ace Attorney music zine)Batensan, DeepsealilyIllustrator
nov. 2019 - feb. 2020Elegance (a CaPri fashion zine)RehsaIllustrator
dec 2019 - jun 20207 (a Golden Kamuy 7th division fanzine)Tempy, G, Gazeyl, DomIllustrator
fev 2020 - jan 2021Downtime (a Dorohedoro fanzine)Amoolia, HandsomezackIllustrator
apr 2020 - aug 2021We Are Alive (a Detroit Become Human fanzine)ChoiKyongKofuuIllustrator
jun 2020 - nov 2020Lights x Camera x Fashion (a HxH fashion zine)Kale, PinkIllustrator
sep 2020 - dec 2020CaPri lingerie Calendar 2021BarbitoneIllustrator
jun 2020 - mar 2021Happy Endings (a Banana Fish fanzine)TalyawnchstrIllustrator
jul 2020 - dec 2021After School (a KnY fanzine)RyukoHanedaIllustrator
dec 2020 - jun 2021Noir (a Death Note fanzine)Sei, BlotzIllustrator
dec 2020 - jun 2021New Loop (an Evangelion fanzine)Loket Mulroney, WhitelordIllustrator, Moderator
dec 2020 - jun 2021Bad Omen (a Golden Kamuy horror fanzine)-Illustrator
oct 2021 - mar 2022Golden Future (a Golden Kamuy fanzine)NeemsIllustrator
oct 2021 - aug 2022Blades & Bluebells (a dark fantasy OC fanzine)Keats, MariIllustrator
feb 2023 - ?Zine de nuit : Sun and MoonNocIllustrator
mar 2023 - jun 2023Katashigure Wo Tomoni / 片時雨を共に (a TsukiKoi anthology)GomokuIllustrator
may 2023 - sep 2023New Horizons (a Berserk fanzine)knightofmight01 (twitter)Illustrator
jun 2023 - aug 2023SPIKE ZINEIzzi (mooooonbug), erin (_eleverse), Akko (belfaunn)Illustrator